There’s a First Time for Everything

I’ll be honest, I  didn’t wake up today thinking I would start a blog. I had every intention of creating a profile here and following a friend’s blog, that’s it. When I saw that I was actually creating a brand new, baby blog, I stopped for a minute. I wondered if I really wanted to go through with it this time. I’ve toyed with the idea, but I’ve always decided against it. Today though, I took the leap. I’ve recently realized how much words can affect people, how things that other people have written have touched my heart.  I’ve decided that I want to use this little piece of the internet that is MINE to share my thoughts with others, so that maybe I can touch their hearts in some way or at least make them laugh a little. I have no idea how often I’ll post. I have no idea what I’ll post about. But when I do, I’ll be doing so with the purpose of keeping it positive and happy and making people smile.

I didn’t exactly pick the best time to start this endeavor. Spring is upon us and with spring comes long work hours and a lot of stress. But really, there is never a good or a perfect time to start something new. If you wait around  for a good and perfect time to arrive, you’ll spend your life waiting and never doing. If people always waited for the perfect time, we wouldn’t have… Well, we wouldn’t have a lot of good things.

I feel like a first post should be awkward and all over the place, so now that I’ve got that out of the way, we can move on to bigger and better things! It can only go up from here. I hope. Going further down would be kind of a bummer.


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